How to Reinvent Exceptional Physical Retail Experiences in Post-COVID-19 World

With skyrocketing growth of eCommerce and the decline in traffic at physical stores, retailers must face an unexpected reality: Whether does physical stores exist anymore or not? In fact, over the past years, e-commerce has built an overwhelming advantage. However, physical stores still have a chance at shaping superior experiences:

In this video, Steve who has ​over 30 years of experience in positions such as a strategic advisor, board member, general manager, and C-level executive at Fortune 500 retailers, will show us what makes retail remarkable based on his experience. Some specific matters would be discussed such as:

  • The 8 essentials of remarkable retail
  • New technology is introduced due to the covid-19 shutdowns
  • The way to rebuild once brick-and-mortar stores can reopen


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Steve Bate

Creative Entrepreneurial C-Level Partners

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