How to Be a Boss That Everyone Wants to Work for?

Most of us want to be successful as well as wealthy. Whether do you achieve your goal or not if just being yourself? You need to separate yourself from the pack and change your mind into the mentality of a winner truly.

One of the ways to succeed is to become a boss that everyone wants to work with. As one of the world’s leading businessmen in hospitality and sports, the chairman, CEO, and sole owner of Fertitta Entertainment, one of the largest restaurant corporations in the U.S, Tilman Joseph Fertitta will share his knowledge and experience with us in this video. With him, everything we want is within our grasp. We have to learn how to take our dream.

Some lessons you can get such as:

  • The way to build a company culture that makes employees want to stay.
  • The way to avoid getting caught up in things that don’t matter
  • It’s important to stay grounded
  • How to borrow money for a business deal properly?
  • Why you should relentlessly pursue your talents
  • Why you should always take advantage of a good deal


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Tilman Fertitta

CEO of Landry’s, Inc.

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