How Retailers Can Reinvent Customer Experience to Thrive in Post- COVID-19 World

IPSOS is a sophisticated data company and is the third-largest research firm in the world.  It uses the best of science, technology as well as applies the principles of security, simplicity, speed, and substance to everything. For Ipsos, their clients don’t only need a data supplier, but also a partner who can produce accurate, relevant information to turn it into actionable truth.

At IPSOS, Shohini Banerjee is Senior Vice President. ​Shohini serves as an EVP and heads the Ipsos Channel Performance business in the US. Before joining Ipsos in 2017, Shohini was a very early employee at Medallia, a leading CX SaaS platform, where she gained extensive CX technology and consulting experience.

Based on her knowledge and experience, what did she do to help IPSOS as well as her clients when the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way consumers experience retail. You may also refer to her sharing through this video:

The latest consumer health and safety measures in the shopping during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Which attributes are driving consumers to return to in-person shopping?
  • How have retailers shrunk storefronts?
  • How have they increased their online eCommerce


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Shohini Banerj

Senior Vice President of IPSOS

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