How Did Rebekah Neumann Hone on Her Superpowers?

Whether do you believe that one of us has superpowers or not? Is it so important because it can change the world? Your work is to find it and then take advantage of it in your life.

This video contents an amazing entrepreneur who has honed in on her superpowers and helps others find theirs: Rebekah Neumann. She is a founding partner and Chief Brand Officer at WeWork, an equity trader for Solomon Smith Barnet, etc. Her goal when establishing WeGrow is to foster growth in children’s minds, bodies, and souls, unleashing endless happiness, global citizenship. She wants to help everyone through her superpower of intuition.

You can learn some lessons in this video such as

  • Why you shouldn’t be angry?
  • The biggest thing Rebekah is working on
  • The innovative education Rebekah is applying
  • How Rebekah leverage her career setbacks to find true passion
  • Why we must constantly change.


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Rebekah Neumann

Chief Brand Officer at WeWork

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