How Christina Tosi Turns Her Creative Passion into a Thriving Business

When you run, the first few minutes are easy. Because you aren’t a distance runner, so it starts to hurt after a mile. You can either stop there, or you can keep going. However, you push through the adversity, you can run forever. The same thing happens in life.

In this video, you will listen about passion and hard work with a woman who revolutionized the dessert industry: Christina Tosi. She is a chef, author, and television personality, the founder and owner of Milk Bar, the recipient of several awards and was featured on a list of “Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink” by Food and Wine Magazine in 2014.

She taught us that we must keep giving it our best even when it’s hard. There certainly will be something great being waiting for you on the other side. Everything you’re going through now is paving the way for success in your future.


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Christina Tosi

Founder and owner of Milk Bar

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