Expert's Advice for Retailers to Not Fall into The Same Pitfalls

Carl Marks Advisors is an investment bank that provides financial and operational advisory services. With a proactive, persistent approach, they break through roadblocks, identifies a viable path forward, and creates the alignment and momentum needed to achieve successful outcomes. Carl Marks Advisors team custom-integrated service teams for each kind of client and unites operational, transactional, and industry expertise to create effective solutions despite challenging situations.

Team members are senior professionals who implement improvement initiatives while enabling management teams to focus on running their businesses. Especially, Carl Marks Advisors is operated by Howard Meitiner, as Managing Director position. He has years of experience in advising and leading retailers through business development.

In this conversation, he has shared with everyone valuable knowledge based on previous experience when he was president and CEO of Sephora, The Museum Store, and COO of Fortunoff Group. They include some matters such as:

  • Why do retailers need to stop thinking in historic terms?
  • The way developers, as well as retailers, create community spaces concentrating on the customer experience.
  • Why did the pandemic transform how everyone looks at labor?


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Howard Meitiner

Managing Director at Carl Marks Advisors

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