Demystify Agile Store Management & How to Make it a Big Win

Retail operations, especially at the store level, can be managed similarly to how software is created. That is all about coordinated testing and learning to deliver the most meaningful results with a quick, iterative mindset. In this conversation, Quorso Founder as well as CEO, Julian Mills will make this topic clear through the following elements:

  • Where does the idea of “agile” come from?
  • The right blend of analytics and UX to make it all happen
  • What companies are ready for culturally?
  • Why is running stores also an incredibly localized business?
  • Why may not in-stocks be a retailer’s biggest problem?
  • How small long-tail changes, just like in e-commerce, can add up to huge impacts over time


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Julian Mills

Founder of Quorso

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