COVID-19 & Golden Chances to Reset the Narrative of Food Landscape

Most restaurants were especially hard-hit during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. A range of restaurants has closed since the pandemic was declared. Foodservice sales have fallen billions of dollars in the year since. Amid the chaos of pandemics, restaurant owners have to adapt quickly to survive.

Apart from risks, it also gives potential opportunities to talented entrepreneurs. So what are potential opportunities? How are restaurant owners taking chances?

In this video, Bryan Southwick, Design Manager of Gensler Charlotte, based on his experience in supporting the growth and development of retail work, will show us how a restaurant’s design can elevate the dining experience and adapt to the pandemic. He mentioned the following specific matters:

  • The expertise on projects such as food halls, restaurants, breweries, specialty retail, creative office space, etc.
  • How to review restaurants from a design standpoint?
  • The shift in competition to local, chef-driven restaurants


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Bryan Southwick

Design Manager of Gensler Charlotte

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