Automation & Hard Truths Behind This Spectacular Disruptor – Insider's Perspective

Many companies still have not found a good way to ‘train’ digital agents before investing in and implementing complex, expensive systems. It requires access to a huge volume of data and an iterative training, refinement process.

In this conversation, Richard Schrade, with all the enthusiasm around machine learning and AI, shows us his experience about the automation-related subjects including:

  • The importance of digital twins to enterprise progress in the AI and machine learning space
  • The difference between predictive and prescriptive analytics and why Richard’s team has chosen to focus on prescriptive
  • Why automation may speed up processes once it is put into place, but the process of training it and teaching it the logic required to automate those processes efficiently takes a lot of patience?


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Richard Schrade

Co-Founder & President of Automation Intelligence

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