5 Emerging Trends That Healthcare Organizations Need to Accelerate and Master

Brian Kalis is a managing director of digital health and innovation for Accenture’s health business with experience combining business strategy and digital innovation. He is in charge of developing and driving Accenture’s Digital Consumer & Innovation offerings.

As a seasoned executive, he operates everything based on ways that improve health experiences for consumers across the globe. He comprehends that digital itself is not a strategy but an enabler of an overall strategy and a tool to unlock value.

In this conversation, Brian Kalis shares emerging trends newly that healthcare organizations will address to accelerate and catch up with change in all parts of their organization. Subsequently, you can leverage this experience as well as the lessons to engage patients at major touchpoints of the patient journey, increase access, drive higher patient satisfaction, and increase revenue for your healthcare business.


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Brian Kalis

Managing Director of Accenture Health

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