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ThreatX is the leading provider of Intelligent, Next-Generation Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions for real-time threat detection. Our proven services platform delivers rapidly deployable, kill-chain based threat detection and neutralization in a highly adaptable, cloud-based architecture designed for modern application environments and constantly evolving threats.

Only ThreatX’s dynamic, context-based “progressive behavior profiling” provides a holistic view of all threats, attack vectors, and targeted application vulnerabilities, all in an easy to understand, risk-based view of threat intent.

ThreatX eliminates the false positives and maintenance burdens associated with 1st generation WAF’s and static, rule-based solutions by automating the correlation and analysis required to identify real and active threats in any environment.

ThreatX Labs combines industry-leading expertise, proven application profiling analytics, and highly optimized Security Operations Center to proactively monitor and manage your application environment.

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