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Stream (Techstars NYC 15) is a new kind of data store designed for building, scaling and personalizing feeds. Stream uses big data and machine learning to improve how information is connected and discovered online. The company is founded by the authors of the popular open source Stream-Framework, which has over 250,000 downloads.

More than 500,000 apps are still building and maintaining their own feed technology. All these companies go through the same struggle and reinvent the same technology. Stream enables developers to build feeds in days instead of months. Feeds are intelligently aggregated and re-ranked based on relevancy.

Stream came out of BETA in February. We’re now approaching 100 companies that have integrated Stream and are relying on our API. Several larger companies are currently integrating. Their angel investors include the founders of Crashlytics, the head of developer experience at Twitter, the founders of KeenIO, the CTO of HubSpot and the CTO of Thomson Reuters.

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