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We exist for workplaces that want increased employee engagement, better company culture, and overall higher productivity – and we achieve these results by providing an all-in-one employee engagement software that makes managers the central drivers of workplace culture. Serving more than 8,700 organizations, our technology gives team leaders direct access to employee feedback and personalized real-time insights, so they can make work better every day.

The all-in-one platform fits naturally into your managers’ processes. It’s intuitive, but robust enough to make a difference. And it scales with you, so it’s always a good fit. Moreover, expert advice and in-tool coaching are baked into the software, providing your managers with the answers they need, when they need them. The way we work is changing, and your managers need tools that can keep up. Our software amplifies and prioritizes feedback in real-time, transforming the way managers lead their teams.

We are passionate about having the most up-to-date, effective engagement platform because we know when work is awesome, employees are engaged, clients are loyal, and business is good – and we want workplaces around the world to know it too.

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