Quantum Metric, Inc.

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Quantum Metric’s Digital Intelligence Platform gives cross-functional teams real-time, out-of-the-box insights to easily and proactively identify, prioritize and act, so you can maximize the business impact of your web and native apps.

The platform’s intelligent analysis enables modern enterprises to quickly deliver exceptional online experiences. Founded in 2015, Quantum Metric has grown its customer base to include a range of mid-market to Fortune 500 enterprises.

With patent-pending FunnelDNA, Quantum Metric analyzes customer segments in real-time to uncover where and why users are under converting, without spending hours or days searching for answers.

Dashboards that inform you about your business at a glance, complete with CX, KPIs, and sales info so that you can be confident your online presence is working efficiently.

Both out-of-box and custom created segments are analyzed to determine which segment variations are underperforming. Quantum Metric then uses patent-pending Funnel DNA analysis to compare suspect segments to “normal”, identifying where in the funnel a suspect issue is impacting conversion. The result is a sorted list of where the biggest issues are, typically identifying millions of annual recovery opportunities through automatic analysis.