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At ProtoTest, they have been helping clients solve their most challenging software QA and UX problems since 1998. Problems they solve:

– Your QA team is stretched too thin and there are important deadlines looming
– You don’t have a QA team, but you place a high value on software quality
– You’d like to automate your functional testing, but you lack the time and/or the expertise
– You are expecting a big spike in traffic, and you need to know if your app can handle it
– You want to deliver a great user experience, but have no expertise in usability testing
– Your site must be accessible to people with disabilities, and you’re not sure what that means

Their lab is staffed with experts and equipped with a great variety of devices, including all the leading smartphones and tablets. They’ve tested on all browsers, against dynamic content, responsive sites, mobile sites and apps; you name it, they’ve tested it.

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