OrthoFi is a revolutionary software and service solution designed to stimulate growth and streamline financial processes. It enhances patient onboarding, boosts conversion rate, and takes on time-consuming aspects of insurance and patient processing & collection. OrthoFi’s end-to-end flow handles insurance eligibility verification and benefit calculation, collection of patient accounts, and insurance claim submission and collection.

The OrthoFi team also manages underpay processes, overpay reimbursements, all remittance processing and reverification for in-progress contracts. It also has the tools to manage your pending patients, helping to maximize your full potential. OrthoFi practices are experiencing dynamic growth by making quality care more affordable through the patent-pending, open industry-leading delinquency rates, and OrthoFi practices are enjoying 3 to 5 times the market growth with balanced cash flow and risk. All this and smoother operations with insightful metrics to run their business.

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