myStrength ™ arose from a deep passion to help those challenged with mental health disorders. They have seen people close to us suffer with depression, anxiety, or overuse of drugs and alcohol and experienced first-hand the disabling impact. And they have witnessed their loved ones’ struggles to overcome the cost, inaccessibility, and stigma of care and treatment.

Knowing that there must be a way to overcome these obstacles, they set out to help those they love…and the more than 50 million others who are working through mental health disorders. The vision for myStrength— The health club for your mind™—was born as they realized that the Internet and mobile applications provide a perfect way to help those in need. Done right, digital resources that complement other forms of care, such as medication and working with a mental health professional, could give users support that is affordable, accessible, and devoid of the negative image that mental healthcare sometimes carries.

To make their vision real, they leveraged their extensive digital consumer experience, tapped into their online learning expertise, and surrounded ourselves with brilliant partners and advisers. Together, they created myStrength to give people the resources they need to help create real and lasting change. Change that makes their lives, and the lives of the people around them, better.

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