Made by gamers for gamers, LootSafe is a game development platform that establishes real, immutable ownership over virtual assets and empowers developers to easily create, deploy, and manage items for in-game purchase. Players can purchase and trade across the LootSafe network while developers can build new games using existing stores of virtual goods.

LootSafe resolves key issues in the video game industry:
• Protecting gamer rights: LootSafe combats fraud and abuse in game economies by tokenizing virtual goods on the Blockchain. Traditionally unfair systems, such as loot boxes, can be made transparent and fair for the gamers.
• Empowering developers: Using any programming language, developers can deploy, create, and manage virtual goods and extensions through RESTful API. Access to the LootSafe portal provides a robust developer environment with Unity and Unreal integrations, as well as other plugins. Developers can just add a few lines of code to their codebase, and integrate the benefits of decentralizing their game.
• Marketplace: The LootSafe Marketplace allows trading of in-game assets and other goods by players themselves. Assets can be listed and valued in a safe and fair environment, regulated by smart contracts and completely decentralized.

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