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Our team consists of creative, educated, highly skilled professionals who excel in their respective fields. Their passion and dedication translate into exemplary results for our clients. We enjoy partnering with clients to meet their goals and celebrate their success, while continually encouraging growth.

We set out over 12 years ago with the goal to build a website software platform, a content management system (CMS), specifcally for dental practices. The theory was that almost all dental practices, while needing unique content and design, needed similar features:

  • Smile Galleries
  • Meet the Staff
  • Services & Procedures
  • etc, etc, etc

We believed that in the long term, it would be drastically cheaper for dentists to effectively pool their money together through a company to build the ultimate software for promoting a dental practice online. This wasn’t, by any means, the easiest or cheapest route for us to take.

We rejected WordPress as a solution, along with every other commonly used content management system (CMS). We looked at both commercial and open source options. But none of them were good enough. We had lofty goals, things others said were impossible or uneconomical:

We wanted every client to be able to easily update their own dental website and add content – even if they had never edited a website before.

We wanted to be able to retroactively update all clients’ websites with new features and other improvements at the same time, at no extra cost, and with no additional labor.

We have succeeded on both goals, and our retroactive updates enable clients to maintain a website that is state of the art – even a decade after it first launches.

For many clients, a website from GDW isn’t their first website – but the last one they ever need.

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