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Gravity Jack is a team of elite and passionate software developers, specializing in augmented reality, and pulled from the top-tier of gaming, mobile and web studios.

Gravity Jack was founded in November of 2009, by the company’s current President & CEO, Luke Richey and his wife, Jennifer Richey. Since starting, in 2009, the Liberty Lake, Washington company has grown from four to fifty employees, and worked with some of the biggest names, in the largest industries.

All of Gravity Jack’s technology is made possible by the company’s own patented software development kit (SDK), and is the only American company in Augmented Reality for which this is the case. Gravity Jack is the creator of browsAR, a full-fledged augmented reality browser application for iOS and Android mobile devices, and holds a patent on Quick Augmented Reality (QAR) codes. Appearing similar to QR codes, QARs utilize a border and the data within the code to act as an augmented reality marker. Users are encouraged to created their own QAR, free of charge, within the app, or online.

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