FJA-US Inc. delivers an insurance platform that enables you and your employees to perform more efficiently and as a result, distribute more product and cover more people. We solve complex problems at every phase of the product cycle—from definition to development to distribution. By unifying all aspects of the digital process, FJA helps increase speed-to-market while simultaneously ensuring accuracy and consistency across your entire organization.

Our approach is unique in the industry because of the combination of the power of a product-centric environment with an understanding of people and process. Our partnership is one focused on shared success.
With over 35 years in the insurance industry, FJA has learned from our past (and ongoing) relationships to innovate towards the future. Our approach spans verticals and countries: as a subsidiary of msg life, a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt stock exchange, our offices throughout Europe and North America hold a global ecosystem of professionals whose experience in health, group, and P&C insurance bring together the best practices in the industry.

This diversity enables our creative, individualized approach to each client. Combining unparalleled expertise in business, technology, and actuarial sciences, we offer a strategic pathway towards optimum operational and distributional efficiency.

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