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EMS is now a continuous release company, with a focus on architecture, user experience and integrations. We’re evolving our platform to align with – and often exceed – market expectations and to meet the changing needs of our existing customers. With monthly software updates, fixes and enhancements, our customers benefit from impressive and constant gains in performance and functionality.

For the everyday user, EMS now supports self-service through a growing number of easy-to-use points of access, including web, mobile, kiosk, room sign, desk sign, and Microsoft Outlook. Expert users now have more configurability, scalability, open access and security than ever before, including the option of using EMS as a subscription-based cloud service hosted on a top-tier cloud provider. Organizations can integrate EMS with most hardware and software infrastructures through EMS Platform Services, our middle-tier RESTful API.

The EMS platform of today empowers global teams to collaborate, inspires employees and clients, and refines how individuals find and reserve the right space for their needs. We deliver the tools our customers need to manage, connect, and optimize the way their organization works. Whether you need to increase productivity, reduce costs, attract and retain people, or differentiate your brand, EMS is there with you.