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E Source helps utilities solve problems, make business decisions that serve their customers well, and give them the competitive advantage they need to succeed. E Source works with thousands of utility employees and leaders across the US and Canada, arming them with the knowledge and guidance they need to adapt to ever-changing business and market conditions.

eSources is also the only directory that has campaigned against drop shipping scams and middlemen drop shippers. The majority of directories will list any site that claims to drop ship, even if the site is just an aggregator or worse a middleman “drop shipper” charging you sign up fees only to offer you retail or above retail prices. eSources is different because it inspects a drop shipper’s processes before the drop shipper can be included in the directory. Members can then trade with genuine drop shippers only. The james marnley scam and the fake uk dropship reviews scam are just some of the scams that were first brought to light by eSources. As soon as the drop ship scams were exposed, they reacted by creating all sorts of fake blogs and fake reviews to attack eSources, because they want to silence the truth. eSources is the exact opposite of what drop ship scammers have tried to make you believe, because it features the actual drop ship sources that middlemen are using.

Imagine you were a supplier, and that your buyers could have access to tens of thousands of profitable wholesale and drop ship sources. What would you do? If you were honest, you would try to be more competitive. Unfortunately middlemen drop shippers aren’t honest, they will use any means to misinform you, and to discredit anyone that exposes their overpriced services. eSources is exactly that, a service that will safeguard you against middlemen and scammers. It verifies over 3,000 new sources every month, and has paid the price for warning buyers about drop ship rip offs. If you have any sense of business, you understand that the best services for you are services dedicated to wholesale buyers, those services that go to any length to protect you against scams (even if that means having to put up with fake reviews posted by the same scammers that were exposed).