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Convercent is an ethics and compliance software provider that helps companies instill ethics at the core of their organizations. Its Ethics Cloud Platform, which is comprised of a suite of applications including Convercent Insights, Convercent Helpline, Convercent Campaigns, Convercent Disclosures, and Convercent Third Party, leverages a global dataset to deliver business leaders the insights required to make proactive, informed decisions about their company’s ethical health. Companies use Convercent to engage with employees, understand organizational risk and create opportunities for stronger, sustained business performance.

Convercent has nearly 600 global customers including Microsoft, Tesla, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Capgemini and Under Armour. Customers span all industries, regions and sizes and represent a growing breed of business leaders who care deeply about driving ethics to the center of their organizations. Convercent is based in Denver, CO, with an international office in London. The company is backed by Sapphire Ventures, Tola Capita,l and Azure Capital Partners.

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