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Athlinks is a premier race-day technology provider and the world’s largest results database. We do everything from creating the event management software and hardware used to time/run endurance races of all types to a social media website that allows athletes to claim their results and build a race resume, as well as connect with their next event!

Athlinks claims to have the “most comprehensive database of endurance race results and events anywhere in the world”. Users can mark their own race results, and build a thorough list of their race history.

The website also has a “rivals” feature, where a user can compare themselves to athletes with similar results. Like other social network websites, a user maintains a group of “friends”. In addition, users may keep a training log, list their gear items, upload photos, and present a schedule of future events.

In February 2013, ChronoTrack, a provider of timing, race management and live race services, announced that it had acquired Athlinks.

With the largest collection of results at your fingertips, let Athlinks do the tracking for you. If you’ve crossed a finish line in the last 10 years, you’ll find yours here. Athlinks makes finding, claiming and sharing all your hard-earned results easy.

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