1bg is a Colorado-based marketing company focused on improving the revenues and efficiency of our clients through a broad range of marketing strategies and web-based technology solutions. Our team has more than a decade of experience creating online and offline marketing campaigns, building online cloud platforms, and more. At 1bg, we value a work environment that is relaxed and innovative, and encourage one another to positively contribute to our culture.

1bg has a simple solution that works: Listen: We need to know your goals, current pain points, and service bottlenecks. Understand: We research to identify your greatest areas for improvement. Solve: We implement a custom solution and continue to monitor for modifications.

Our mission is to find new and better ways to grow your revenue through strategic marketing campaigns and the implementation of new technology.

Our areas of expertise: Analytics & Reporting, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Print Marketing, Email Marketing, Market Research, Sales Support.

At 1bg, we have a strategic combination of marketers, content specialists, designers, and developers who will guide you on the path to accomplishing your most important business objectives. Our expertise covers SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, local online marketing, and more!