Trust Is Power: How to Communicate in a World That Doubts Everything

Trust Is Power- How To Communicate In A World That Doubts Everything
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Do you want your words to carry weight, earn trust and convince others? 

All professionals aim for this. Their success depends on it. But their efforts often fall flat. People dismiss them. Doubt them. Worst of all – distrust them. 

But some professionals do persuade. They speak with credibility and authority. They defeat doubt. They earn trust. As a result, they get far, and they go fast. 

What makes the difference? 

I know, and this book will teach you. 

Hidden, little-known secrets of communication influence people. If you don’t harness their power, it doesn’t matter how good your ideas are. 


  • What all credible and convincing speakers know 
  • The psychology of effective communication 
  • Decades of cutting-edge (but unheard-of) scientific research 
  • How to craft clear and compelling arguments 
  • How to overcome objections and present with power 

In a world where everyone doubts everything, cutting through uncertainty is a must-have skill. And I know how to do it. I’m a debate champion, communication expert, and in-demand speech-writer. I teach CEOs and organizations how to communicate with influence and impact. In this book, I reveal everything I know. 

Are you ready to unleash the power of your words? 

About the Author:  

Peter has coached hundreds of competitive public speakers. He has earned 27 awards as a competitive public speaker, won national speech competitions, and was the Massachusetts Speech and Debate League State Champion. When he worked in the Massachusetts Statehouse, he carefully observed the public speaking techniques of Representatives and Senators. He’s spent countless days analyzing the famous speeches of history to uncover their secrets. He was rewarded a seal of special distinction from the National Speech and Debate Association for accumulating 500 speaker points. He has read countless books and scientific articles on communication and psychology. He had to overcome a speech impediment.