Trust Based Leadership: Proven Ways to Stop Managing and Start Leading

Trust Based Leadership- Proven Ways To Stop Managing And Start Leading
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Every leader you’ve ever known that has accomplished any level of success reached their vision by defining their priorities. And the only way you will be truly fulfilled as a leader is when your vision is achieved through knowing that you helped and served. Rewards appeared because you gave of yourself and in at least some small way, you made the world a better place. Your leadership skills, wisdom and ability to lead made a difference and you built all of it with trust. Trust in your idea. Trust in yourself. Trust in those that served with you. Trust that your efforts and accomplishments are the results of setting important priorities and trusting that God, the Universe and people that follow helped you fulfill your priorities. 

Editorial Reviews: 

From the Author 

It is with profound admiration, respect and love that I dedicate this book and all that Ido personally and professionally to my wonderful wife Janice, our sons Blaine, Chase, Kyle, Taylor, our daughter Kerri, and all our grandchildren. Without them, my life and work would be incomplete and I would not know the joy I have experienced nearly every day for four decades. Through the years, I have learned and grown because of many master teachers and speakers that have inspired me. Some know who they are and some don’t, but none the less, I thank each of you. Most recently, I have grown to new levels because of my coach and friend James Malinchak. James…….you ROCK! And, without reservation, I thank my Heavenly Father and his Son, of which I believe, none of the positive I have experienced in my life would have been possible and they have proven over and over that there is nearly nothing impossible, although I still can’t dunk a basketball on a 10 ft goal! 

From the Inside Flap 

Why not do what it takes to transform YOUR life, YOUR business, and YOUR Leadership skills? 

It’s actually very simple! 

People that achieve higher levels (that’s YOU) think and act differently than other people do. This book will give you the simple strategies and principles to change your thinking and change your life! 

Top achievers are readers ,they think and act differently. That’s the simple reason they reach higher levels of success in their business and in their life. 

This simple, yet not simplistic book contains powerful messages to take your leadership skills to higher levels. By using these principles, you can achieve better RESULTS while leading. Each proven strategy is written in a short digestible thought and is independent of the others. You do not need to read each proven strategy in sequential order. Simply flip to any proven strategy to learn, apply or share as needed. 

“If you’re ready to achieve more success and happiness, read and live the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Mark Given!” -Joe Theismann 

World Champion and Entrepreneur

My goal in writing this book is to inspire and empower you to BE MORE, DO MORE, AND ACHIEVE MORE! 

Thank you for reading this important book and please consider passing along a copy to your friends, family, or business associates so YOU can help make a positive difference in their lives also! 

From the Back Cover 

“This powerful, practical book is loaded with proven ideas and strategies you can use to get better results immediately. “Brian Tracy, President Brian Tracy International” Mark is not only among the most trustworthy people I’m honored to know, the Trust Based Philosophy he developed can benefit every leader wise enough to learn…and apply it.”Bob Burg, Co-Author of the NY Times Best-Selling Go-Giver series of books” I love and trust Mark and I know he can deliver on teaching your organization how to achieve more success by following his Trust Based Philosophy.” Jack Canfield, Co-Creator on the NY Times Best-Selling Book Series Chick Soup for the Soul” Leadership in today’s world requires many things; most important amongst them is Trust. Mark will give you a simplified look at how trust works while at the same time stimulating your thinking such that you will be able to implement the ideas that fit into your leadership philosophy. “Kevin Eastman, LA Clippers VP of Basketball and Nike Consultant” Mark Givens’ book on TRUST will motivate you to reach the next level in your personal development.” Rudy Ruettinger, the Man who inspired the hit movie Rudy” Mark’s strategies can change your life!” Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on the hit TV show SharkTank and inventor of the Infomercial 

About the Author:  

I am Mark Given, an enthusiastic philosopher, teacher, speaker and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author that has written several self-improvement books and spoken at more than1200 programs and events. You may not know me from my books or seminars, but one thing you should know is that we are both very much alike. 

Every day, just like you, I strive to be my best and focus on making a positive difference in this wonderful world. 

You want to succeed, help your family, be a good friend, make a secure living and be remembered as someone that can be trusted. Me too! 

You already know that building or rebuilding Trust is a top priority for companies looking to sell more products, serve more people and capture their markets. 

Trust is a critical link to all good relationships whether personal or professional. 

Trust is a primary factor in how people work together effectively, build powerful relationships and listen to one another. 

Lack of Trust creates poor productivity and low energy. 

So, in this important book, you’ll learn how to build Trustin many ways and do it more often. 

You’ll learn how to lead by example, communicate more openly and take responsible action. 

Read this book then share it with a friend. They Trust your opinion. 

And, thank-you for taking the time to INVEST IN YOURSELF AND IN YOUR FUTURE!