The Death of Demographics: Valuegraphic Marketing for a Values-Driven World

The Death Of Demographics- Valuegraphic Marketing For A Values-Driven World
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Marketers have always believed demographics and psychographics held the key to influencing consumer behavior. If only we knew enough about someone—their age, gender, purchase history, favorite brands—we could impact what they do. But that isn’t true at all. 

Today we know these systems are a terrible way to understand who people are. Nobody acts their age anymore, and tracking past behavior doesn’t tell us what will work now. 

Valuegraphics change everything. 

By focusing on deep values rather than surface habits or traits, valuegraphics uncover what drives and unites us. Based on decades of behavioral science research, adding valuegraphics to your insights can improve your marketing effectiveness by a factor of eight or more. 

Learn how to find the valuegraphics of your target audience and create powerful values-driven strategies that excite and engage them. Discover why demographic profiles are dangerously inaccurate, and walk step-by-step through the process of becoming a values-driven organization. 

In a DIY format that’s quick and easy to use, The Death of Demographics will show you what global B2B and B2C brands have already discovered: that the secret to engaging your target audience is to know what they value. 

Because what we value determines what we do. 

Editorial Reviews: 

“Valuegraphics takes the ol’ time religion of demographics and stands it on its head. Better yet, this book delivers an effective and essential replacement.” – Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, PhD, co-authors of business bestsellers, including Managing Customer Relationships and Experiences: A Strategic Framework, the definitive textbook in the CRM and customer experience field 

“It freaks me out that David maybe knows me better than I know myself, and his gin martini vs. vodka martini case study turned my world upside down. James Bond, take note.” – Douglas Coupland, designer, visual artist, and author of thirteen novels, two collections of short stories, seven non-fiction books, and a number of dramatic works and screenplays for film and television 

“People everywhere are making decisions based on their values. This book couldn’t be more timely. It explains what’s happening right before our eyes. As a life-long marketer, I believe a successful brand or campaign is based on connecting with your customer in a meaningful way. This approach guarantees we will get it right.” – Christine L. Delucchi, SVP of Global Marketing and Communications at Hines 

“If you don’t read this book, don’t even DREAM of calling yourself a marketer. David has turned everything we know about predicting consumer behavior right on its pretty little, backward, antiquated head. Your first response will be: what the hell have I been wasting my time on? And then the lightbulb will shine brighter than it ever has before.” – Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-founder and CEO of LatelyAI 

“I’ve always been confused about demographics-how come I’m more millennial when I’m apparently a Gen X? And then I came across Valuegraphics, and it all made sense. It’s not about when we were born-it’s about the values that drive us. Once you understand this, you see the world, your team, and clients in a whole new way, and you suddenly understand exactly how to motivate them. All those Gen Z and Millennial experts out there: consider yourself on notice! This book proves that nobody acts their age anymore.” – Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group 

About the Author:  

David Allison began working in advertising agencies in 1985 and helped motivate audiences for some of the world’s largest brands. In 2016 he sold the ten-year-old marketing agency he had built and launched, DAVID ALLISON INC., a small global advisory firm. 

He spent the next two years building Valuegraphics, the first-ever big-data tool that can profile the shared values of entire target audiences and replace outdated demographic profiling models. 

Today, his company creates custom Valuegraphics Profiles from the ever-evolving database and consults with organizations who are interested in the full scope of what Valuegraphics can tell them about the audiences they want to motivate more often. 

David is an author, researcher, facilitator, advisor and keynote speaker.