Passive Investing Made Simple: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Apartment Syndications

Passive Investing Made Simple- How To Create Wealth And Passive Income Through Apartment Syndications
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Real estate has made more millionaires than any other investment vehicle in the world. 

Problem is, most people simply don’t have the TIME, ENERGY, or DESIRE to actively manage their own portfolio of rentals. 

And who can blame them? 

Who really wants to deal with toilets, tenants, and trash anyway? 

Thankfully, there’s a way to own commercial real estate, benefit from the incredible returns and tax incentives, and do so without taking on any risk from the bank. 

Oh, and it’s completely passive. 

Apartment syndications used to be the best kept investing secret in the world. For decades,  

But not anymore. 

Welcome to Passive Investing Made Simple. 

Now, busy working professionals who want their money working as hard for them as they worked for it can participate in these incredible opportunities. 

And this book will show you exactly how. 

Passive Investing Made Simple is a comprehensive guide designed to teach you how to invest in Multifamily Apartment Syndications so that you can build generational wealth, additional passive income streams, and to reduce your yearly tax burden. 

Most importantly, this book is about taking control over your financial destiny so that you can live life on YOUR terms. 

If you’re tired of riding the stock market roller coaster and ready to take your investing life to the next level, then join authors, Anthony Vicino and Dan Krueger, founders of Invictus Capital, as they share decade’s worth of experience and insight investing in commercial real estate to help you Invest Better. 

Best of all, passively investing in apartment buildings is quite simple! 

No more complicated jargon and impossible to read return proformas designed to make you feel stupid. 

In the coming pages, you’ll learn: 

  • The simple path to financial freedom (it’s really not as complicated as you think!). 
  • What is an Apartment Syndication and how they’re structured. 
  • Why it’s the best kept investing secret in the world? 
  • Your investing personality. 
  • The passive investor’s most important job. 
  • How to partner with world-class operators, evaluate markets, build a team, and analyze deals! 
  • The step-by-step process so you can step into your first syndication ready to take action! 

Also, you’ll receive BONUS materials including: 

  • The 65-Point Passive Investor Checklist 
  • A sample marketing package from an ACTUAL deal 
  • A deep-dive into Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Passive Investing Made Simple is over 300 pages worth of real estate wisdom, simplified strategies, and actionable tactics that you can put into practice TODAY! 

Editorial Reviews: 

Want to learn how to make money in real estate while not working in real estate? Read this book!”- Jeff Gebhart, Passive Investor 

“This book takes the building blocks, complexities, and nuances of passive investing and breaks them down into simple, organized, easy to understand components. Then it explains how to take those components and put them together to confidently invest in real estate.”- Jamie Byrne, Passive Investor 

“The Go-To Guide For Passive Investors. The authors truly made the process of passively investing simple to understand and enjoyable to learn. If you are a prospective passive investor, I recommend this book as THE starting point for your real estate education journey.”- Drew Shim, Passive Investor 

“True to the title, the authors create a very simple review of passive investing. This book is informative and provides passive investors a new level of comfort as they venture into real estate investing. Must read!”- Jason Balara, Passive Investor, Podcast Host, and Commercial Real Estate Syndicator 

About the Author:  

Anthony Vicino is a best-selling author, real estate investor, and serial entrepreneur committed to helping people maximize their Return on Life. 

He is the co-founding partner of Invictus Capital which provides busy working professionals with the opportunity to Invest Better. 

As the host of the Multifamily Investing Made Simple podcast and author of Passive Investing Made Simple, Anthony firmly believes investing shouldn’t be complicated, scary, or overwhelming. 

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About the Author: 

Daniel Krueger is a full-time entrepreneur, investor, and coach who is passionate about helping others become financially free by investing in apartment buildings. 

Besides providing lucrative investment opportunities, his mission is to help educate investors in financial literacy so they can take control of their financial future. 

Before beginning his full-time career in real estate investing, Dan spent 5 years in corporate finance where he managed the operating expenses for multiple multinational fortune 500 companies. 

Since then, he has grown his real estate portfolio by more than 500% annually.