Learn How to Lead to Win: 33 Powerful Stories and Leadership Lessons

Learn How To Lead To Win- 33 Powerful Stories And Leadership Lessons
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Thrilling, Thought-provoking and Inspiring . . . to Help Your People Reach Higher Levels of Performance 

Former Top Gun Fighter Pilot, Rear Admiral, and Commander of the USS Nimitz, Mike Manazir, shares gripping stories and actionable insights gained from his successful career in the military and corporate world. 

With 33 powerful stories Mike takes you on a transformative journey, revealing the fundamental principles of effective leadership. Each story highlights a key leadership lesson, such as leading from the heart, accountability, communication, and strategic thinking, providing readers with practical strategies to enhance their leadership abilities. 

Like how to— 

  • Survive when you plant a $75-million jet into the Pacific Ocean (admit you were wrong) 
  • Land a crippled jet with the navigator hanging out of the blown canopy, his parachute wrapped around the tail (rely on your instincts) 
  • Steer a floating city with a massive nuclear reactor and an airport on top (known as a nuclear aircraft carrier) into a horrific monsoon in the Indian Ocean while the flight deck is awash and flooded to get to India so the crew could go ashore and do community service (the heart of leadership lies in service to humankind) 

Mike’s relatable stories showcase the importance of understanding your team’s strengths, building relationships, and fostering an inclusive culture where each member of the team feels valued. 

The author’s conversational style and dynamic stories make for an engaging read that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. You’ll gain valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of leadership and a deeper understanding of what it takes to lead effectively. 

Learn How to Lead to Winis a book for aspiring leaders and it is also an excellent resource for experienced leaders looking to refresh their leadership approach. The lessons shared within the book are universal and can be applied in any industry, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills. 

Like the former Supreme Commander of NATO, Admiral James Stavridis (Retired) says about his colleague: 

“Like jumping into the cockpit of an F-14 Tomcat—Lead to Win seizes you by the throat and doesn’t let go! This book is hard to put down and can make anyone a better person as well as an accomplished leader and mentor!” 

Editorial Reviews: 

“A generally engaging . . . leadership guide from an experienced commander.” – Kirkus 

“Whether you’re a politician, parent, preacher, executive, or coach, Mike’s book will help you enjoy leadership and life as a thrilling ride and help you be the best you can be.” – Dr. Donna Genett, PhD and Author, If You Want It Done Right, You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself!: The Power of Effective Delegation 

“Learn How to Lead to Win moves the heart. We forget most of what we intellectually learn, but we never forget when we are emotionally moved. This book can transform your life. You’ve got to read this treasure.” – Dan Foxx, Executive Coach and Author, Confessions from the Heart of an Executive Coach: True Stories Behind Closed Doors: Why Some CEOs Win Big, While Others Crash and Burn 

“This is a book that is hard to put down and can make anyone a better person as well as an accomplished leader and mentor!” – James Stavridis, PhD, Admiral, US Navy and Supreme Commander of NATO (Retired) and Author, To Risk It All: Nine Conflicts in the Crucible of Decision and 2034: A Novel of the Next World War 

“A fast-paced and motivating book that will give you keen insights into how leaders rise to the occasion when they face the seemingly impossible. I commend this book for anyone wanting to drive their leadership skills to the next level with proven insights.” – Dr. James Webb, Professor at Southern Methodist University, West Point graduate, Army Ranger, Green Beret, Author of Innovators Who Changed the World 

“This book is for anyone who leads or is looked on to be a leader—parent, grandparent, teacher, manager, executive, politician, whatever—it’s definitely not about your title, it’s about you and your role, either formal or informal. So, relax, take your favorite beverage, and join Mike in this fabulous journey of leadership.” – Melinda Muth and Bob Selden, Authors, Setting the Tone from the Top: How Leaders’ Conversations Shape a Positive Culture 

“Mike is an excellent example of using his character strengths of humility, kindness, and perseverance to not only grow within himself but to lead and inspire others to loyalty and top performance. Great stories that are both insightful and have powerful lessons on leadership.” – Dr. Gwen Carter, PhD, Licensed Psychologist 

About the Author:  

Mike Manazir is a former US Navy Top Gun fighter pilot who commanded an F-14 squadron, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, and a Carrier Strike Group. Mike retired as a Two-Star Rear Admiral and is now an executive with a Fortune 100 aerospace and defense company. Learn more about Mike at MikeManazir.com.