Inside the Mind of Sales: How to Understand the Mind & Sell Anything

Inside The Mind Of Sales- How To Understand The Mind & Sell Anything
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Would you like to be able to sell anything to anybody and in any situation? 

This is NOT just another sales book. 

Using the science of persuasion and ©Power2Mind technology will totally transform your sales, business, and personal life. 

★ Includes ©Rapid Learning Accelerator Bonus Audio to fast track your success. 

This book is a SHORTCUT and a FAST TRACK to success 

In this book, you will learn the hidden secrets of how people’s minds actually work. 

You will discover how to be successful when selling, presenting and negotiating using a simple step by step proven process. 

You Will LearnTo: 

  • skyrocket your sales 
  • be an expert in the psychology of successful selling 
  • sell with confidence, charisma and conviction 
  • control and dominate the sales process 
  • effectively persuade and influence people 
  • easily get customers to respect and like you 
  • naturally, get customers to want to buy from you 
  • rapidly build rapport with anyone, anytime and anywhere 
  • hack into the mind of customers and clients 
  • successfully destroy objections 
  • negotiation like a pro 
  • turbocharge your closing rate 

Two Books in One 

In Part One you will learn how people’s minds really work, together with somevery powerful and little known persuasion and influence methods. 

In Part Two you will learn a proven, easy step by step process to follow that has generated over $billion in sales. 

Included with the book is the proprietary rapid learning accelerator audio program. 

This will program your mind for success. 

About the Author:  

Derek is a mind, advanced communication and business expert. He is a multiple best selling author international trainer and coach. He has extensive experience in sales and marketing and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world including assisting FTSE 100 companies and has achieved well over $1 billion in sales. Derek has lectured at some of Scotland’s top Universities on his methods. 

He has a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP and is a Master Practitioner of NLP (software for the mind.) He also has a diploma in Transformational Coaching from the Henka Institute. 

His approach is very different. He has combined and drawn from a wide variety of disciplines to create the Power2Mind method. Power2mind is a very powerful and highly effective method. Derek has also acted in a consultant role as a sales judge for a University Sales competition. He has worked with, coached, and trained some of the world’s largest companies but also enjoys working with smaller firms. 

Together with coaching, training, reading and writing, he has a passion for public speaking being Area Director for Toastmasters International 2020/2021 and has spoken in front of thousands of people. 

His hobbies include his work, together with a love of rock music, electric guitars and lifting weights. 

Derek invites you to linkin with him where he is most active or checkout his website 

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