How to Grow Your Small Business: A 6-Step Plan to Help Your Business Take Off

How to Grow Your Small Business: A 6-Step Plan to Help Your Business Take Off
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New York Times bestselling author, Donald Miller, makes growing a small business accessible to anyone. 

Running a small business is no easy feat. As a small business owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of hats you have to wear to be successful. You started the business so you could share the product you love with the world, but logistics are getting in the way. 

Donald Miller knows this frustration all too well. He faced the same challenge when starting his company. While he knew his time was best spent creating content for small-business owners, he was constantly being torn away to focus on things he didn’t understand. After several years of figuring it out, Donald has decided it’s time to share what he learned. In this book, you will learn: 

  • An easy-to-understand framework that can be applied to any business. 
  • How to navigate the ins and outs of finding and hiring the best candidates available to you. 
  • The best way to organize your company structure to maximize your skills and allow you to identify areas best handled by someone else. 
  • How to identify your and reach your key customers. 
  • Areas where you can increase capacity to better serve your customer. 
  • And much more. 

Growing a successful business is not easy, but it’s not impossible. With the right guidance, anyone can expand their company and reach new customers. 

Editorial Reviews: 

‘Finally, a business book that delivers the frameworks and playbooks that will take your small business form struggling and chaotic to profitable and streamlined. This book is a must-read for all small-business owners wanting to create a solid plan for long-term success.’ — Amy Porterfield, author of Two Weeks Notice and host of the top-ranked podcast Online Marketing Made Easy 

‘Donald has an uncanny ability to make every part of your business accessible and understandable. With the knowledge in this book, you will take the right actions at the right time and finally grow your small business the way you have always envisioned.’ — Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First and Clockwork 

‘Donald Miller knows how to make very complex ideas simple. And complexity is often the enemy of effective execution. Growing a small business does not have to be a mystery. If you’ve been struggling to grow your small business, you’ll find the six steps in this book both actionable and invaluable.’ — Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and peak performance expert 

‘Many people dream of owning their own business, but few people have a plan. How to Grow Your Small Business will solve most of the problems business owners face, even before they have to deal with them. If you’re looking for an easier, proven plan to grow your business, you’ve found it.’ — Lewis Howes, author of the New York Times bestseller, The School of Greatness 

‘It’s such a gift when you can save yourself time, money, and mistakes by learning from others who have already been there and navigated their way to success! And when they’re willing to share their hard-earned wisdom with you, like Donald Miller is in How to Grow Your Small Business, it’s priceless.’ — Jamie Kern Lima. New York Times bestselling author of Believe It and founder of IT cosmetics 

“After interviewing over 3,700 successful entrepreneurs, including Donald Miller himself, I have come to understand how challenging it is to run a thriving business. The six frameworks Donald has created in this book provide the best opportunity to become one of the few thriving businesses that stand the test of time. Prepare to IGNITE!” — John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire 

About the Author:  

Donald Miller is the CEO of Business Made Simple (, an online platform that teaches business professionals everything they need to know to grow a business and enhance their personal value on the open market. He is the host of the Business Made Simple Podcast and is the author of several books including the bestseller “Building a StoryBrand.” He lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Elizabeth.