Critical thinking, Logic & Problem Solving: The Ultimate Guide to Better Thinking, Systematic Problem Solving

Critical Thinking, Logic & Problem Solving The Ultimate Guide
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What are the most important skills to develop in the times we live in? 

How can you make better Decisions? 

In this age of fake news, social media, and information overload, critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving are probably the most vital skills to develop for success. 

Critical Thinking, Logic & Problem Solving are critical parts of our daily life, and mastering these skills increases our ability to think well and take impeccable decisions. It also enables us to understand the reasons why the current state is what it is and the forces and factors that influence it, and develop approaches and alternatives to influence and implement changes. 

What is the problem then? The problem is that the current education system doesn’t teach us well or at all any of these skills. And that is the main cause of failure and underutilization of people’s potential. 

This Guide was built with the objective to put an end to this problem and to give you the most effective tools to establish the habit of thinking critically and logically and solving any problem that you may face in the best way possible. This book includes 3 parts plus 1 bonus: 

  1. Critical Thinking 
  2. Logic, Structuring & Framing 
  3. Problem Solving 
  4. BONUS: Achieving Clear and Effective Communication 

Here is a tiny fraction of what you will discover inside: 

  • How to use the critical thinking framework 
  • Removing mental barriers to critical thinking 
  • Learning to ask the right questions 
  • Detecting Fallacies 
  • Recognizing Fake News and Misinformation 
  • Deductive vs Inductive Reasoning 
  • Leveraging Patterns and Trends 
  • Exercises to Develop Critical Thinking 
  • How to Manage your Emotions to get into the right Critical Thinking zone and mindset 
  • The Key Frameworks to frame and describe problems 
  • How to Use Issues Trees, Logic Flow Trees and Decision Trees 
  • The Problem-Solving Process and How to Think like a Scientist 
  • Mastering PROS and CONS assessment 
  • Prioritization Matrices 
  • Decision Matrices 
  • Organizing Action 
  • How to leverage constraints to get more creative 
  • Organizing your communication 
  • The best Storytelling techniques for effective communications and presentations 

And much more! 

This collection is not only a theory book, it will give you the opportunity to practice what you learn so that you can gain momentum and absorb effortlessly this powerful knowledge. 

In no time you will be able to make more powerful arguments, take confident decisions and discover any error in logic. Critical thinking, Logic and Problem-Solving will help you improve multiple areas of your life from the personal sphere to the professional one. If you are looking for the best in class and a fast track to Master Critical Thinking, Logic and Problem Solving look no further. 

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