Communicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges

Communicate With Courage- Taking Risks To Overcome The Four Hidden Challenges
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Clear communication requires the courage to confront the psychological blocks that hold you back. Learn how to become a more fearless and peerless communicator.

Raising your game as a communicator is one of the best ways to make a difference in the world, but it takes courage to open up to others and invite others to open up to you. As a lifelong communication coach, Michelle Gladieux has discovered four sneaky obstacles that can keep you from becoming the best communicator you can be:

  • Hiding—Fear of exposing your supposed weaknesses
  • Defining—Putting too much stock into assumptions and being quick to judge
  • Rationalizing—Using “being realistic” to shield yourself from taking chances, engaging in conflict, or doing other scary but potentially rewarding actions
  • Settling—Stopping at “good enough” instead of aiming for something better in your interactions

These challenges all have something in common. They require taking risks—to reveal yourself, question your beliefs, take a leap of faith, or move out of your comfort zone. Each chapter includes a real-world practice called a Pro Move and an exercise, both carefully crafted to help you overcome hang-ups and take more joy in communicating.

Courageous communication requires self-knowledge, practice, and a desire to grow. It is a full-body, full-mind, and full-heart effort. This book is like having a caring, expert coach along with you for the journey.

Editorial Reviews:

“Communicating with courage is life changing. Michelle draws from extensive experience to provide immediately actionable Pro Moves. Her extraordinary empathy comes through with relatable examples from diverse worlds, from music to business to sports. You’ll read this book more than once because it will help you transform your relationship with yourself and other people.”
—Jillian Ihsanullah, PhD, leadership and inclusion researcher and former Senior Vice President, Right Management

“I wish I had read this book decades ago. Michelle provides immediately useful ways to shine a light on habits we often can’t see that get in the way of effective communication. An indispensable read.”
—Jonathan Walker, MD, founder of Modestly Mindful LLC

“I wanted to make sure my performance evaluations with my senior leaders were meaningful. I hired Michelle to help, and she taught me some of the Pro Moves in this wonderful book. You will benefit greatly from applying them to your own personal and professional life.”
—Karl W. Einolf, PhD, President, Indiana Institute of Technology

About the Author:

Meet Michelle Gladieux (Glad-ee-oh) – an engaging, caring, inclusive, and forthright coach and teacher.

Today, Michelle and her team at Gladieux Consulting present communication seminars and lead strategic planning and executive coaching around the nation. Clients include people in wide-ranging job types in non-profit, government, military, and for-profit organizations since 2004. Michelle has 18 years of previous teaching experience at 3 universities in her home state of Indiana, accepting her first adjunct faculty position at age 23. She’s worked as a Corporate HR and Training Director in the cold storage, robotics, and construction industries and enjoys helping employees at all levels GROW. Michelle visits conferences as a keynote and workshop presenter and is described as a top gun in her field. She loves spending time with friends and family, animals, and appreciates a live rock and roll show wherever she can find one. She loves what she does, and it shows.