Buyable: Your Guide to Building a Self-Managing, Fast-Growing, and High-Profit Business (Entrepreneur Tools)

Buyable- Your Guide To Building A Self-Managing, Fast-Growing, And High-Profit Business (Entrepreneur Tools)
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Did you know there are 1,700,000 small businesses (with 10-250 employees) in the US alone? A whopping 85% never become Buyable, and most of them are out of business in ten years? 

And the most important question… 

Only one in ten businesses ever finds an investor or buyer. What do these “1 in 10” successful businesses have in common? 

In his top-rated book, Buyable, bestselling author, successful entrepreneur with an exit, and sought-after consultant Steve Preda will show you how to turn your business into a valuable asset. You’ll create a Buyable business even if you have no plan to sell it. Why? Because your business will work for you with very little effort, supervision, and stress from you. 

Buyable will be your trusted companion. It’ll show you practical, simple, and applicable steps to run a business that’s highly profitable, fuels your dream life, and grows with or without you. 

Not only that, but with Buyable you’ll also learn: 

  • How to define your ideal life. Then define the business to get there. And then bridge the gap between definition and reality by creating the business value you need 
  • The seven management concepts. You’ll master the basics of a profitable business and turn your business into a self-managing machine 
  • How to grow your business value. Chapter 7 and 8 will show you simple blueprints and secrets to create a Buyable business that very few entrepreneurs know! 

Once you apply these management principles to your business, you’ll prepare your company for a sale. So you’ll also learn: 

  • How to “groom” your business and set it up for a sale by refining your financials, strategies, and assets 
  • Time to sell! What it takes to do it, how to find investors and buyers, prepare for the big exit day, and sell your business with a big payout 
  • How to leave your company without breaking your heart. Learn to say goodbye, assess your options, and stay engaged, active, and excited about life 
  • Whether you have only a few years running a small business, or are a seasoned expert with years in the game, Buyable is the companion you need. 

Editorial Reviews: 

“Buyable is a holistic framework for creating a self-managing business and shaping it with the ideal buyer or investor in mind. I highly recommend it!” — Gino Wickman, author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap 

“This is a must read for every entrepreneur and business owner. I expect this book to stand the test of time and become a business classic sitting beside some of the other great guides from Gino Wickman, Geoffrey Moore, and Guy Kawasaki.” — Matthew Laherty, CEO of Platformatics 

“In depth understanding of how to take a company, optimize performance, create systems, and then have it ready to be sold as an asset.” — Vikram Raya, Co-Founder and Owner, Viking Capital 

“Creating a self-managing business puts entrepreneurs in greater control of obtaining the right buyer, at the right time, with the optimal or best valuation. Steve gives a framework to achieve a thriving business and a thriving life for founders that read his new book.” — Richard D. Kelly, Former CEO and Co-Founder, Nutriati 

“Preda sets out, in succinct and very accessible prose the attributes required to make a business buyable and the methodologies which can be used to plan a path to that end. As a veteran of multiple business exits, I can say with confidence this is an invaluable read.” — Ian Leaman, International Board Director and M&A Expert 

“Steve has done a remarkable job capturing the key elements that make a business successful – and sellable – in a readable and actionable format. I wish more business owners would read this before they come to me to sell!” — Michael Metzger, Business Broker, Murphy Business 

About the Author:  

Steve Preda’s passion is to help Entrepreneurial Leadership Teams ascend their business mountains. He built and sold a mergers and acquisitions firm in his native Hungary before moving to the US. He is a former Certified EOS Implementer® and Scaling Up coach and current Pinnacle Business Guide. 

Steve hosts the Management Blueprint podcast and speaks to entrepreneurial audiences around the US.