8-Second PR: New Public Relations Crash Course

8-Second PR- New Public Relations Crash Course
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Learn PR Secrets to get national media interviews, and increase sales using the power of publicity! 

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and hype yourself using earned media interviews (TV, print, radio, podcast) that are 3x more valuable than any paid ad? 

Make this your most successful year using this proven 8-step publicity process! 

This updated 8-Second PR (2022) can teach you how to develop a Wow Story, relevant media hooks and powerful pitches to secure hundreds of national, local and podcast interviews. 

Find out how to get your brand story covered by traditional media (TODAY Show, CNN, PBS, BBC World News, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, NPR Marketplace, Fast Company, Psychology Today) and digital PR (podcasts, influencers, social media, videos, blogs) so you can increase your credibility, brand awareness and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

With the average attention span of an adult now being 8 seconds (less than a goldfish), you can learn how to be clear, concise and compelling in all your marketing messages, media pitches and interviews. 

Based on 15+ years of marketing and public relations experience, you’ll learn Award-Winning Author Liz H Kelly’s PR Success Strategies with priceless case studies and templates that most agencies would never share. 

If you are a brand, expert, author, CEO, small business, entrepreneur, speaker and/or marketing professional, this “PR for Dummies” style book is a must-have and includes new tips for how to: 

– Develop PR strategies that attract national interviews using the New Story Reinvention Chapter. 

– Brainstorm timely media hooks and talking points so reporters call you for interviews within 5 minutes! 

– Be a Great Guest with impactful soundbites so you get invited back. (New!) 

– Measure media results and Calculated Publicity Value for TV interviews. 

– Get 30+ podcast interviews for 1 book or business. (New!) 

– Write compelling content that enhances your thought leader brand. 

– Create a Digital Press Kit with assets so you’re ready when a reporter calls! (New!) 

– Maximize your author reach on Amazon via search, promotions and reviews. (New!) 

– PLUS – 8 updated PR Superpowers & Bonus Content Surprises! (New!) 

Editorial Reviews: 

PR expert and entrepreneur Kelly sums up her multifaceted public relations (PR) approach to educate fellows in her field and newcomers to the art to be PR superheroes in this polished and inviting second edition. – BookLife Reviews, written by Publisher’s Weekly Reviewers 

Liz Kelly has booked thousands of media interviews for PR clients, including CNN, CBS Health Watch, FOX News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and more, making ‘8-Second PR’ a go-to guide for anyone with a brand story to promote. – Bill Harrison, co-founder, Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) and National Publicity Summit 

As a result of Kelly’s ‘8-Second PR’ tips and examples of media pitches, we were able to land a feature TV interview on FOX 11 Los Angeles that was worth approximately $40,000 in Calculated Publicity Value, and contributed to an additional $10,000 in product sales. Trust me, read this book, take notes and share it with friends – because it is a gamechanger for brands! – Mariya Palanjian, Founder/CEO, Roma Leaf and Globafly 

Follow the advice in this book. It will not only help you become better at the PR game, but become a better writer and better marketer, as well. – Jess Todtfeld, CSP, former TV producer at ABC, NBC and FOX, media trainer, speaker, and author (“Media Secrets”) 

Liz Kelly’s “8-Second PR” book has great tips for how to get editors and reporters interested in your story. Journalists are always looking for a moving “story behind the story.” The author’s case studies show you what works best to hook editors and get your story into print. – Veteran journalist P.K. Daniel, whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, San Diego Union-Tribune, Baseball America and CBS Sports Digital. 

Super accessible PR/Communications strategies to help any business break through and stand out from the white noise. I rely on Liz’s tip, tricks and technique’s daily…, with a career spanning 3+ decades — and I keep a copy at both my office and on my tablet at home for ready reference. Even seasoned pros can learn a thing or two. “8-Second PR” has helped me to both kick-start new campaigns, as well as clarify and refresh some older ones. Follow Liz’s formula’s and you are on your way to sure-fire success. – Jim Schiefelbein, Brand Strategist and Organizational Change Consultant  

What I love about the book is the vast amount of great examples, stories, and tips; to make your PR standout. With a review section at the end of the book that gives you smart questions that put you into action. I love to read a book that makes YOU stop and think about my business… I definitely recommend it. Concepts are easy to understand and remember. – Carlos Cymerman, Recruiting for Good Founder 

Anchored by an insightful understanding of modern society, and the impact of social media, and influencer culture on consumerism, “8-Second PR” provides a roadmap for navigating the global market as it is today. Whether one is trying to sell a movie, a book, a product, or a service, the invaluable advice offered in this book makes it a must-read for any marketing aspirant, with useful tools and proven strategies they can take with them all the way to the bank. – Book Review Directory 

About the Author:  

Award-Winning Author (“8-Second PR”), Speaker, Podcast Host (“8-Second Branding”), and Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly is passionate about amplifying brands through public relations and marketing campaigns that increase buzz, fans and sales. After working for myspace, Paramount Pictures, Sprint PCS, and LA startups, Kelly started Goody PR to magnify GOOD. Based on 15+ years of experience, Kelly’s latest book: “8-Second PR: Energize Your Story for Ultimate Media Success” (2019) has been called a new “public relations crash course.” Her publicity tips provide a proven 8-step process with case study examples of how she’s booked thousands of major media interviews for clients, including: TODAY Show, CNN, BBC World News, FOX Business, TIME, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, NPR and more. To give back, Kelly openly shares media agency secrets in a public relations for dummies guide that is now being used as a PR textbook by instructors at California State University SB and UCLA Extension. Kelly also teaches digital marketing at UCLA Extension, is a Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business alumna and Autism Advocate. Follow @LizHKelly or visit GoodyPR.com.