NAC To Challenge Current Standard and Pursue the Absolute Best

NAC staff at the court
Maria Juliana Fueyo, North Avenue Capital's Loan Architect, is formally recognized by the Jacksonville City Council through Jacksonville University. Very well deserved indeed. North Avenue is proud and grateful to have such amazing staff who strive to make a mark in their communities inside and outside of work. Courtesy: NAC
NAC staff at the head office
North Avenue Capital's team of Loan Officers, Architects, and Specialists work together to offer a lending experience unlike any other. North Avenue Capital' does not only want to help everyone grow their business finances but also wants to build the communities that they reside in. Courtesy: NAC
NAC staff during the lunch break
North Avenue Capital's lenders, architects, and marketing team come together for breakfast in St. Augustine. There's enough North Avenue culture to go around for all! Courtesy: NAC
NAC staff in a metro center office
North Avenue Capital celebrated and thanked for an expanded team. In 2018, their crew grew by five members and two more additionally at the start of 2019. They were truly blessed to be seeing the fruit of their labor, and they were excited for the years to come! Courtesy: NAC
NAC staff at a conference
IMN Bank Special Assets (East) Conference was a success. The NAC team made new connections, was refreshed on current market trends, and even caught up with current clients. They looked forward to harvesting the fruit of their labor in the coming months. Courtesy: NAC
NAC staff in social event
Team NAC gathered at the headquarters in Florida to celebrate the award of America’s #1 USDA Business & Industry Lender of 2020. Courtesy: NAC

Apart from providing capital to empower American Business Growth, North Avenue Capital exists as stewards of capital, influence, and people.

From communication to execution, NAC tries to raise the standard and lead those around them to the absolute best through learning and growing. Besides, formulating a lasting partnership is the next task after looking to facilitate a financial transaction.

For them, every step of every deal gives the opportunity and responsibility to be wise and prudent stewards of time, talent, and treasure.


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