How Carbon Health Embraces the Value of “Organization” & “Individuals” for Sustained Growth

Carbon Health staff collaborate with frontline workers at the hospital
Carbon Health collaborated with Amazon Studios to reach under-vaccinated communities. The partnership is one of the ways Carbon Health makes high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone. They aim to deliver a difference. Courtesy: Carbon Health
frontline staff use Carbon Health device for analysis
"The atmosphere was so inviting, bright, and open! For each patient, nothing puts them at ease more than comfort, especially when medical visits can be so filled with anxiety!! The Carbon Health's staff were all so friendly as well and made everything easy!" Courtesy: Carbon Health
Carbon Health staff at the care center
Aaron started working on Carbon Health's support team before the pandemic. He pursued further education, and just finished one round of clinical for PA school. Carbon Health is so proud of him and his mentors for encouraging him along the way. Courtesy: Carbon Health
Carbon Health staff celebrate in an offsite event
Carbon Health can't (and won't) stop bragging about how incredible their team is. "Practice manager, Lyndsey Kanitz, and district practice manager, Mary Goral are so empathetic and truly care about their employees. Their playful attitude makes working fun, even when work gets tough. Courtesy: Carbon Health
Carbon Health staff in a lunch time
Carbon Health's engineering team in Ankara, Turkey, met for a team-building lunch. Although they are far from San Francisco headquarters, they are a crucial part of Carbon Health, being in charge of an international project that will change the whole healthcare system. Courtesy: Carbon Health
Carbon Health staff celebrate at Top Golf
Carbon Health's travel clearance team in San Jose held a team-building night at Top Golf. That gave them time to connect outside of work and have some fun before summer ended. Courtesy: Carbon Health

Apart from the mission of bringing high-quality healthcare to everyone, Carbon Health wants to create a supportive environment where its members can fast track their career path as well as continually refine their craft.

To achieve that goal, Carbon Health has built a diverse and passionate team of employees who are driven to learn from one another.

Whether working at Carbon Health headquarters or any clinic branch, their staff always are trained to be masters. Because the value of the organization is contributed by professional individuals.


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