Cohnreznick’s Journey as a Community Partner & Corporate Leader

CohnReznick staff host a workshop with local event
Below presents Tom Verducci, MLB Network analyst, whose insights were a perfect kickoff to the Winter Meetings. Especially connected with this: “Talent is the real currency today.” Courtesy: CohnReznick
CohnReznick staff in a social event
CohnReznick LLP's Boston team participated in Cycle for Survival this past week, raising over 22k dollars in support of rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Courtesy: CohnReznick
CohnReznick staff collaborate in leadership workshop
WRISE’s mission is to promote education, professional development, and advancement of women to achieve a strong, diversified workforce and support a robust renewable energy economy. CohnReznick team is proud to have been a sponsor of this event. Courtesy: CohnReznick
CohnReznick staff receive industry award and recognition
CohnReznick LLP's Partner PYRAMID award recipients embody core values of passion for excellence, yearning for knowledge, respect for others, adaptability & flexibility, making a difference, integrity, reliability & trust, developing opportunities, etc. Courtesy: CohnReznick
CohnReznick staff in an interview of industry workshop
Managing partner Cindy McLoughlin led a panel - "Brand Loyalty and Customer Experience - How to Stand Out in A Crowded Space" at CohnReznick LLP's Consumer Retail and Digital Tech Summit. Courtesy: CohnReznick

CohnReznick plays a role as a community partner and corporate leader.

They make it easy to employees through the culture of flexibility in where, when, and how to work. They strive for greater productivity, increased employee retention, a more diverse, inclusive, and collaborative workforce, etc.

For external elements, CohnReznick care opportunities for their communities and people. It is not only just one of their goals, but also a core component of their mission statement. From charitable giving programs in the neighborhoods to supporting national charities in fulfilling their missions, CohnReznick actively find ways to help make a difference.


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