17 Compelling Features for Real Estate Web Development Projects

Web development is not without features. Website in each industry has some specific features. We will show you a lot of features you should have when you develop your own website.
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Do you want to have more revenue and potential customers? A website with a good lead will help you a lot. As a real estate agent or broker, you maybe realize the importance of having your own website. OK! We will help you to know some features you should have in your web development to engage more customer. Here we go.

1. Multiple Listing Service-MLS

Firstly and importantly, of course, listing is very critical with real estate professionals. You can retrieve and display property listing data through your database or third-party data feeds like MLS. Moreover, you can let customers see MLS listing by using Internet Data Exchange (IDX) system.

2. Content Management System-CMS

As you know, real estate data regularly change. So, you should have the feature enable to edit and update content in real time effectively. You can add property information and Denver’s news related to customer needs. It’s an essential work for real estate business. In the web development, remember to request web developers to integrate a CMS into your website.

In addition, it’s useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It could be customized to the specific area and market such as Denver residential, commercial, second home, etc. By this way, you can reach more traffic and visibility. Because of each real estate market’s unique keyword and sentiment, you can make your website have a higher Google ranking. Local is better than global.

3. Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Proper web development will help you track the visitors’ activities in real time including search queries, property view and favorites. You can improve your web better to get higher results.

4. Property Search

Let your customer search all database listing available in MLS. Filter and search system need to be invested in more effort. Imagine the visitors search and find a property fitted to their need; then, they maybe become your customer in the near future.

5. Sold Real Estate Gallery

With this gallery, the customer could know you are a credible agent or broker. The more past transaction you have, the more credibility you get. So, you should highlight your great sold list.

6. Testimonial

Pretty same as a sold gallery, testimonial build reliability. Testimonial shows the clients review after selling or experience work with the agent. This section is useful for referral source in the path getting trust from the customer.

7. Featured Listing

Show your list beautifully and intuitively. The necessary information should show correctly and neatly. Featured properties with a high-resolution image is a great plus in your customer’s eye. Make a great presentation feature!

8. Open House

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Show for everyone to know the times and the location of the next open house on your website. The open house is an effective idea to generate a quality lead. The potential customer come and view the house that they give you the huge opportunity to close deal, take these advantages perfectly!

9. Favorite Properties

Your website should have a ‘save’ feature. When the visitors pay attention to which property, they can save it for future reference. Also, you can get this valuable information which properties is the most chosen dream house.

10. Mortgage Calculator

Real estate calculator helps people to determine financing option with their buying power. For example, with a mortgage calculator, you just import mortgage amount, the term (years), interest rate (%) and then it will show you the estimating monthly payment output quickly.

11. Search by Map

The customer can search properties by selecting the desired location, area on the map (i.e., Denver, Boulder, Colorado, etc.). Besides viewing properties, you can view the surrounding area to know nearby schools, supermarkets, parks, entertainment area, plaza, etc.

12. Virtual Tour

Enables the visitors to see 360-degree picture. The more images you show, the more engagement you reach. However, don’t make your website takes a long time to load; remember to optimize such photos.

13. Recently Searched or Viewed

This feature enables your website to push suggestion notifications automatically and the visitors can view similar searched properties again. It’s useful and convenient for the users. They don’t have to search again hardly to look for what they considered before.

14. Agent or Broker Profile

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Real estate is a big asset. You can’t work with an unreliable agent or broker. Therefore, design this profile section carefully with full information such as business contact, experience, licenses, etc. to impress your potential customer.

15. Latest Blog with Video and Slide Show Post

In this section, you should organize well and easy-to-look. With each category, design a difference frame but constantly throughout the website. Create specific articles for a home buyer, home seller, investor and home mortgage. The blog post is a good way to drive traffic for your website and SEO can help you a lot.

16. Social Media Sharing

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You should allow every blog post, every featured property to be shared on social media. Although it’s simple, a huge attraction brings to your web. Engage more people are interested in real estate through social media is one of the good ways.

17. Contact Page

An interactive website allows your visitors to contact you via the contact form, email or even phone. They can send feedback, selling demands regarding a property you are offering. This feature is significant because it builds the relationship with your potential customer.

Conclusion for Web Development in Real Estate

Nowadays people search for their product and service online so much. Therefore, an online presence is essential, even in real estate. Web development for the real estate industry is hard work because it has specific terms and features. The real estate business is lucrative if you have a website which is out-stand from other competitors. It is built with full and excellent features and functions. Well, don’t hesitate to own a website, our real estate agent!

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