Workshop: How to Build a 6 Figure Wholesaling Business Even in a Hot Market!

Hosted by

Kim T.

WHEN: Saturday, October 24, 2020

How to be a Wholesaler in 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Decide to Wholesale . . .
Step 2: Cash Big Checks . . .
just buy my easy button for $197 a month and you are good to go . . . .

or maybe not?

It might take a few skills like
– knowing how to source deals as the easy button is not always best
– knowing how to evaluate deals
– knowing how to negotiate
– knowing the contracts

Vena Jones-Cox has been investing in real estate for almost 20 years and right now is averaging a wholesale deal about once every 10 days. Way back before the pandemic a million years ago in February, she was a guest on the RPOA podcast to share why what many of the YouTube Gurus are teaching is, well not quite the whole picture.


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