Women's Remote Pair Programming Session

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Women in Software Engineering NYC

WHEN: Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Join Codesmith and a community of women, trans, and non-binary coders remotely for an online pair programming session! We’re excited to grow the women in tech community by hosting an all women event, with a female instructor and female mentors. We look forward to creating a safe and welcoming space for women, trans, and non-binary coders. We ask if you don’t identify as female, trans, or non-binary that you attend any of our other free workshops.

We’ll start the session with an overview of what pair programming is and how to focus on improving your technical communication in the session.

Pair programming is central to Codesmith’s learning style. If you’re looking to prepare for our programs, this session is a great chance to focus on the concepts we test for. We’ll also have a mentor available to help you through blocks you may run into! The way we conduct pair programming involves two programmers working together with 1 workstation. One person is the driver, writing the code, and one person is the navigator, talking through the logic.


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