Webinar: What is Scrum for Product Managers by HubSpot PM

Hosted by

Product School Denver

WHEN: Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Scrum Done Right is a guide for product professionals on how to leverage agile methodology to increase efficiency without killing team’s motivation or introducing friction and bureaucracy into the product development process.

Main takeaways:
– What is Scrum and when to use it
– Scrum Do’s: how to implement the most efficient process that helps the team to build amazing products fast
– Scrum Don’ts: what are the pitfalls to avoid and how not to fall into heavy process traps

Meet the Speaker: Iuliia Artemenko

Iuliia Artemenko is a Product Manager at HubSpot in Boston. She has previously worked as Senior Product Manager at Experian. iuliia became a Product Manager and found that her wide range of skills was a perfect match for a career in product.

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