Uniting the Queer Business Owner and Entrepreneur community!!

Hosted by

Paul H.

WHEN: Tuesday, December 1, 2020

This is a group created to unite and uplift the queer business community. They will be meeting online through zoom. I know they are all over zoom meetings. This is the best way currently to bring together their community in safe manner.

Their goal is to provide a open & positive space for professionals to come together with a focus on unifying and helping our community gain strength, mentorship and authentic business connections.

Their meeting will start with a brief 30 second introduction from each participant.

They have selected specific topics for each meeting to discuss.

At times they will do breakout groups to foster deeper connections and allow members to know each other in a more meaningful way.

The point of this group is to unite our community as well as foster a stronger more inclusive group within the Queer Community.

It’s time their community comes together in a vulnerable, kind & more inclusive manner.

All are equal no matter your experience. If you are considering starting a business or a long time entrepreneur. They can all learn from each other through shared vision, goals and mentorship.

This is a meeting for Queers of all sorts. They will eventually move to in person meetings.

Allies they love you and will have specific events that you will be able to join to connect and support.

Bring a friend and an open mind!!!


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