Understanding How to Invest with The Powerful Solo 401(k)

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Quest Trust Company (Dallas) - The Premier SDIRA Company

WHEN: Saturday, June 26, 2021

Since the creation of the Solo 401(k), self-employed individuals and small business owners have been able to invest and work towards a secure retirement, making this account one of the most sought-after accounts in the investing world… but how much do people really know about them? From record-keeping and filing requirements to avoiding common mistakes and prohibited transactions, there’s a lot more to 401(k)s than meets the eye. Join guest speaker and CPA, Adam Barr, for this class as he dives into the world of Solo 401(k)s.

What you will learn in this class:
• Solo 401(k) eligibility
• Contributions for a Solo 401(k)
• Prohibited transactions surrounding 401(k)s
• UBIT/UDFI when investing with a Solo 401(k)
• Book and recording keeping


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