The Path to Success ... Driving Revenue thru Target Campaigns

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Kansas City Business Strategy Group

WHEN: Tuesday, September 6, 2022

What is the difference between Drip Campaigns and Target Campaigns? The objectives of drip campaigns are branding to existing contacts and potential prospects. It is relatively easy. You educate these people. Target campaigns is the foundation of my approach to lead and revenue generation. It is a game changer. We will be discussing the construct of target campaigns and how to apply them to your business. Want to learn how to make more money? DO NOT MISS THIS SESSION.

The Kansas City Business Strategy Group meets the first Tuesday of each month in a ZOOM meeting. The dynamic within the group is amazing. Once a month the group shares insights on driving growth and value in their business enterprises. The group is diverse and dynamic. Look forward to meeting you at our next meeting – Driving Revenue through Target Campaigns.

Each meeting features a topic that range from business planning to personal strategies. Everyone in the discussion identifies information and ideas that they could adapt to their own business interests. This format is outstanding, but only works when members make themselves vulnerable and put themselves on the line.


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