The Changing Anatomy of Industry Events. What's the Best Fit?

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The New York Supply Chain Meetup

WHEN: Thursday, September 23, 2021

While the pandemic has upended supply chains and disrupted businesses in untold ways, the post-pandemic world could come with their own set of challenges. For one, habits cultivated over the last year would mean the new normal would be quite different to the one that preceded the pandemic. Changes in behavior—be it with the rising interest in e-commerce or the new-found love for work from home (WFH) options—the pandemic has had a permanent impact on societies at large.

In that context, what will be the way forward for industry events of the future? Will participants find value in conferences that ask for their physical presence or will they be content with attending them virtually? Or, maybe a hybrid event with a mix of both would be the unexpected winner? Register for this panel discussion featuring five speakers with extensive experience across all forms of media, looking to dissect the current environment and shed light on where we will go from here.


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