The Art of Agile Living: A Simple and Powerful Approach To Tame Your Overwhelm

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The Job Hackers Agile Meetup

WHEN: Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Session Overview:

Have you ever found yourself up late at night, having to finish a report due the next day … even though you had known about it weeks before? Have you ever missed a special personal event, because you spent your entire day running behind and couldn’t get caught up?

Whether it’s your job, your classwork, your home, your family, or your leisure activities, one thing is true: If you want to manage your time, you first have to manage your focus. That’s the holy grail. Helene Gidley’s method, The Art of Agile Living, is a method for doing just that. It’s a simple, physical, tactile approach that creates focus for your work and a tangible feeling of reward for each task you get done.

Grounded in the Agile principles that have revolutionized the software development industry, The Art of Agile Living takes the very best from that industry and gives you an easy-to-implement daily practice. Helene takes you through the basic practices described in her upcoming book “The Art of Agile Living: A Simple and Powerful Approach to Tame Your Overwhelm”.

This workshop session will provide background on Agile thinking, the importance of daily ceremonies in managing your motivation, how to accomplish more by breaking work down into small chunks, why maintaining focus is critical to completing tasks, and how to handle interrupts that life throws into our plans. This is an interactive workshop where you will practice the methods presented. You will leave with your first implementation of this method; a start of your own personal daily plan.

Required Materials for This Workshop:

Package of 1 3/8 x 1 7/8 inch sticky notes
Package of 3×3 inch sticky notes
7 sheets of printer paper
1 pen or pencil

About Our Featured Speaker:

With over thirty years of experience in the IT industry at Fortune 500, startups, and mid-sized companies, Helene Gidley brings a broad and experienced outlook to coaching and training teams. She has been assisting teams in their Agile journeys since 2003.

As an entrepreneur, Helene has started two consulting firms focusing on improving personal and team productivity. As a coach of coaches, she leads the annual Agile Coach Retreat each year in Ann Arbor, MI.

Spending over 15 years as a certified Project Management Professional and working as a Project Manager in Information Technology, she incorporated the best of Project Management practices with Agile principles in building the Art of Agile Living practice.

A Certified Remote Trainer, Helene also contributed to the book Remote Work For A Better World!: Being… Productive, engaged and sane in today’s turbulent times.

Passionate about supporting Agile growth in the community, in 2008 Helene founded the Agile Groupies Meetup, based in Ann Arbor MI. Agile Groupies brings individuals together to collaboratively learn and strengthen their Agile practices. Helene is a frequent speaker at Meetups, Agile conferences and Project Management Institute Chapter meetings.

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