Small Business Focused Group

Hosted by

Brian W.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

This exclusive invitation for a select few Southwest Florida business owners!
The Profit Coaches is the premier provider for small business development and growth services in the Southwest Florida and an associate contributor for the Six Figure Coaches magazine.

They’re hosting a Business Development Focus Group Online for 10 local Southwest Florida businesses so they can feature the results from this event in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Only ONE Southwest Florida business per profession will be allowed to be represented at this event.

The businesses they select to attend will receive a massive competitive advantage that will elevate your business to an entirely new level of performance – both professionally and financially.

There is only one stipulation for attending – you MUST be willing to share with the group what is working for your business in the areas of generating leads and increasing sales locally – as well as what hasn’t been working for your business and the pitfalls others should avoid.

As everyone in the group shares their successes and challenges…they will provide their 25 plus years of business development expertise to help each attendee leave this meeting with a comprehensive action plan and business growth roadmap that will enable you to go back to work that day and double your leads, close more sales and see a dramatic increase in both your revenue and profits.

There is absolutely NO cost to attend if you’re accepted But why are they doing this – Well first and foremost, this is NOT some elaborate ruse to sell you stuff. Their magazine specializes in business growth and development for small businesses all over the world.

They’re VERY good at what we do – but they also know they can always be better. These Focus Groups provide them with the opportunity to discover what is working for small businesses in specific locations around the country. This then gives our magazine a major competitive edge over other publications in our field.

By working with you at events like this and helping you to hone your business…they then document new processes and procedures that they help you develop during this meeting – and then they leverage those processes and procedures to generate new subscribers for their publication.


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